Room Makeover for Marquaivous Randell

Marquaivous Randell

Marquaivous Randell is a 7 year old with Sarcoma, he has been hospitalized for a length of time due to his illness. Recently he was at Jackson Memorial for a surgery that took out a mass from about his knee. Father is out of the picture and does not help with anything. Mother is a single mother of two who unfortunately was detained for a small period of time, she was on work release while serving her time and is now committed to her child's safety and well-being. This family is trying to start fresh and begin a new chapter in their life, mom has recently found a suitable rental apartment for her and her two boys. Any help that this family can acquire would be greatly appreciated.

I met with the child today after he had been in Jackson for so long, it pained me to see how nervous he was that he may have to go to the clinic inside Broward General. When his mother asked him if they can go say hi to the nurses and doctors he refused and became very upset. Poor guy just wanted to go home, and right now his home is bear with nothing that will comfort him.

The Randell Family Current Room Pictures

Marquaivous Randell

Marquaivous Randell is a 7 year old boy that likes Super Heroes, basketball, football and baseball. He is also a little boy that is bravely fighting cancer. Drops of Hope, Inc. is honored to work with the Randell family to give Marquaivous a total “Room Makeover.” With your help, we will create a special place filled with all of the things he loves; a place of refuge where he can create a Super Hero fantasy world where he is strong, mighty and invincible. A room that will help him to be a normal child.

With your donation, Drops of Hope will outfit his bedroom with a new bed, mattress, sheets, pillows, air purifier, nightstand, dresser, flat screen television, fish tank, games, accessories and much more. As you can see by the photographs below, Marquaivous has nothing in his bedroom except some super hero stickers on the wall. His mother recently moved him and his younger brother into a rental apartment in Lauderhill, hoping to create a new chapter in the lives of her children.

Please be a hero to Marquaivous and donate to Drops of Hope today. You are welcome to join us on Sunday, May 27 when we create a bedroom for this real-life Super Hero.

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