Rooms of Hope

Rooms of Hope is dedicated to enhancing the healing process of chronically ill children by providing positive and imaginative bedroom environments. We give special attension to the medical, physical and emotional needs of each child by adding special touches that personalize the rooms and fulfill their dreams!

We create bedrooms based on each child's imagination and unique interest using wall murals, custom furniture and creative accessories to change bedrooms into fantasy lands. They say that happiness and laughter are the best medicine and Rooms of Hope creates bedrooms that provide these vital elements for children during their medical treatment and subsequent healing process.

Join us in granting more children the opportunity to forget, if only for a moment, the pain and suffering they are enduring, and revel in the joy of just simply being a child.

Room Makeover for Naomi

Naomi Naomi is a brave 3-year old girl batting a wilm's Tumor. willm's Tumor is a type of cancer primarly found in young children that usually occurs when certain cells in one or both kidneys multiply uncontrollably, growing into a cancerous mass. Naomi underwent extensive surgery and endured six months of radiation and chemotherapy. Naomi's room is bare and uninviting and the furniture is old and worn....

Room Makeover for Bianca

Bianca JaimesBianca Jaimes is a patient at Chris Evert Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic at Broward Health. She is diagnosed with stage IV Wilms' Tumor (kidney cancer) since November 18, 2011. Her treatment has consisted of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She will continue chemotherapy and radiation treatment for several months Bianca resides with her parents and six year-old sister...

Room Makeover for Marquaivous

Marquaivous RandellMarquaivous Randell is a 7 year old with Sarcoma, he has been hospitalized for a length of time due to his illness. Recently he was at Jackson Memorial for a surgery that took out a mass from about his knee. Father is out of the picture and does not help with anything. Mother is a single mother of two who unfortunately was detained for a small period of time, she was on work release while serving her time...

Room Makeover for Taisha

 Taisha AugustinTaisha Augustin, 13, sits inside her newly madeover bedroom in Loxahatchee. Since she was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her kidneys last September, she has undergone several surgeries and treatments to help fight the disease. Tiasha was playing with her older sister Schyndina last September in their home when Tiasha she began feeling extreme pain in her kidneys. Her parents took her to Broward General Hospital ...


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