Room Makeover for Taisha Augustin

Taisha Augustin

Taisha Augustin, 13, sits inside her newly madeover bedroom in Loxahatchee. Since she was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her kidneys last September, she has undergone several surgeries and treatments to help fight the disease. Tiasha was playing with her older sister Schyndina last September in their home when Tiasha she began feeling extreme pain in her kidneys. Her parents took her to Broward General Hospital where doctors told them Tiasha had a tumor in each kidney.

"Tiasha had been complaining of having some pain. But in September, she said the pain was really bad," Prenice said.

Taking out the carpet and brightening up Tiasha's bedroom has made Tiasha happier, said her father, Josthene Prenice, an unemployed cab driver.

"The doctors told us it is very important she have a very clean bedroom. Taking that carpet out is a very big help. We are so lucky that these people have helped us," said.

Taisha Augustin's before and after room pictures

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